BURN Northern Virginia's Hottest Cover Band
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Meet Burn

Dave - Lead vocals

Dave is our big voice. He stands at over 6 feet tall and has a powerful set of vocal chords. We will have pics and vids soon! 

(Wild) Bill - guitar / vocals
Mild mannered citizen by day, guitar riff shredding extraordinaire by night! Gear used includes Shure microphones, Peavey Wolfgang guitar, Fender Stratocaster USA made, Martin acoustic guitar, Les Paul Guitars, Ibanez Guitars, PRS guitar, Mesa Boogie amp, Marshall Amp, Peavey Amp, Line 6 effects, Tech 21 RK5 FlyRig, Maxon- BYOC- Digitech- Boss pedals and effects, GHS Boomers strings, Tortex Picks.  

 Derik - Keyboardist / vocals
Our newest member of Burn and wow, wait till you see this guy in action. He is a master of melodies and his musical skills are out of this world. He prides himself on quality equipment and skills. We are all thankful to have him! 

John - Drummer
I grew up in Alexandria, Virginia and never strayed too far from the nest.I have been listening and playing rock and roll music since the late 70's. I started out playing a right handed guitar strung upside down until one day my dad bought me my first left handed accoustic guitar. I enjoyed playing in a few garage bands in the 80's. The last band I played in we practiced in my mom's basement. We eventually went our separate ways but the drummer left his drum kit at my house for over a year. I began playing his kit and loved every minute of it. I always told myself  "If I ever have a home that is large enough to house a drum kit, Im getting one" Well I got my wish back in 2007 and bought my pearl forum. I've been having fun ever since. Gear includes Pearl acoustic drums, Roland electronic drums, and a variety of Sabian symbols. 


Will- Bassist / Vocals
Will has been rocking the bass with us for a bit now and we are getting him caught up with filling out our vocal section as of lately. 

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